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Numismatic Museum

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A history of Costa Rican currency and collection of Costa Rican national artwork.

The Numismatic Museum, located in the capital city of San Jose, is another national history museum donated by Costa Rica's Central Bank to preserve the country's culture.  This museum houses a collection of Costa Rican national currency and art works started by Costa Rica's Central Bank in the 1950's, which eventually became the contents of the museum.  The collection contains over 1200 examples of coins used during Costa Rica's history dated as early as 1516.  Also to be found are over 800 banknotes given by the government and banks, and over 1700 types of tokens used as private currency.

In addition, the Numismatic Museum currently hosts an exhibit exploring the diverse use of different Costa Rican flora and fauna on the national currency.  This explores the differences in Costa Rican and foreign influences on the inscription of animals on coinage and in art work.  The Numismatic Museum is definitely a stop on the way if you like Costa Rican national history.

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