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Pre-Columbian Gold Museum

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This museum holds a breathtaking display of Pre-Columbian gold artifacts from multiple indigenous Latin American civilizations.

One of the more remarkable sights to see in San Jose is the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum.  Located under the Plaza de las Culturas, this national history museum was brought into existence as a donation by Costa Rica's Central Bank to preserve the country's history.  This museum's collection contains over 1600 individual pieces of pre-Columbian golden artwork that was made between 500AD and 1500AD.  This museum, containing pieces from multiple indigenous cultures of Latin America, is the home of a cultural treasure from the ancestors of modern day Costa Rica.

The Gold museum currently also houses another collection that, although not counted in troy ounces, is just as rich in cultural history.   This interesting exhibit contains hundreds of clay, stone, jade and yes, even some gold sculptures, of birds.  Birds, such as the Quetzal, have always been revered and respected, and the cultural affinity expressed through the intricate statues.

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