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Teatro Variedades

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This theater is located in the capital city of San Jose and often hosts arts shows from around the world. El Teatro Variedades is located on Avenida Central and is one of Costa Rica's most famous cinemas.

One of the most historic landmarks in the capital city of Costa Rica, San Jose, is the famous Teatro Variedades.  It was conceived and built in 1891 by the Costa Rican aristocrat Tomas Garcia.  Teatro Variedades' cemented its place in Costa Rican history in 1930 when it hosted the showing of Costa Rica's first movie, "El Retorno." Ever since this historic event, the theater became known for hosting many vanguard and independent film screenings.

Teatro Variedades gained more popularity in San Jose when the notable Teatro Popular Melico Salazar burned down in 1967.  While a tragic event, it lead to an influx of art exhibits, dance events, theater, music, and even circus acts to be booked at the theater.  After the Teatro Popular Melico Salazar was rebuilt, Teatro Variedades remained as one of Costa Rica's most important venues of culture, art, history, and entertainment.  This was recognized by the government of Costa Rica on Novermber 30, 1999 when it was declared a national heritage site.

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