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Arenal Lake Fishing

Lake Arenal is Costa Rica's largest lake and partly rests in the shadow of Arenal Volcano. The landscape is surrounded by mountains, rollling pastures, and forests.

Lake Arenal is located near the Volcano Arenal and the Monteverde Cloud Forest.  The lake offers some of the best freshwater fishing conditions in the country, as you have larger areas of water with ridges and moutains that give protection from wind.  There are flat grassy bottom areas ideal for Guapote, a.k.a. Rainbow Bass, as well as Machacca, that range all the way to deep water (for unknown fresh water catfish).  Fishing season runs thoughout the year.

Sunset cruises while viewing the amazing display of Volcano Arenal will provide you with an unforgetable boat ride.  The lake offers many year-round activities: windsurfing, fishing, boat tours, and kayaking to name a few. For those traveling to the Monteverde Cloud Forest, taxi boats provide a quick and scenic shortcut across the lake.

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