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Penas Blancas River Float

The Penas Blancas River float takes advantage of the clear, pristine waters and surrounding natural habitat to provide a peaceful, memorable experience.

The Penas Blancas River is fed by many private cloud forest reserves, that are located in the neighboring geological area of Monteverde.  In this area you will have many attributes such as the lush rainforest, breathtaking waterfalls to explore and canyon forests that meaure in heights of up to 700 ft (213 m.)

Much of Penas Blancas River is calm, which is perfect for just relaxing down stream admiring the rain forest and its habitat along the rivers edge.  The trip will begin roughly 20 minutes from La Fortuna, which makes for an approximate of 2 hours on the river.  Half way through the tour, you will be able to explore a part of the rain forest and have lunch, then continue on your journey until you reach the base in La Fortuna.



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