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Kayaking at Lake Arenal

Kayaking is one of the major attractions in the area of La Fortuna and Arenal Volcano.

Kayaking Lake Arenal allows for an incredible scenic view from the lake.  Volcano Arenal's breathtaking view is in your site throughout the trip.  Keep in mind, kayaking requires physical strength, as it is an excellent way to start your 2 hour morning exercise to get your day going.  There is a small island that is located in the middle of the lake.  Here you can stop and have lunch, swim and take time to explore the natural surroundings, as the waters edges expose artifacts of pottery from the primative culture that once lived in this region. This lake is man-made as it is used by hydro electricity generators to produce a large amount of Costa Rica's electricity needs. This valley, therefore was inhabited and the adventurous divers speak of artifacts of the time before the lake was created.


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