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White Water Rafting Sarapiqui River

White water rafting in Costa Rica is among the best in the world, offering many locations to choose from in such a close vicinity.

The Sarapiqui River flows from a sub-terrainian depression that shapes the surrounding elevation, stretching between the Po├ís and Barba Volcanos for 85 Kms (53 miles) joining the San Juan River, which borders Nicaragua.  Sarapiqui's waters are clear and cold, but the temperature together with the force exerted in the activity provides an excellent way to rejuvinate yourself, redding for the next class of rapids.

Sarapiqui River has been given Historic National Patrimony because of the variety of flora and fauna that it hosts.  Besides amazing rafting, there is plenty of opportunity to swim while enjoying the nature down stream, as it is considered to be one of the countries best rivers to practice.

Again, it is important to understand the quantity and quality of White Water Rafting in Costa Rica, and this is one of the best rafting points of interests (Base) to start from if you happen to choose Rafting as your favorite option on your list.



  • This tour runs in a very important ecologic region.
  • Rafting Class III is suitable for all levels of experience.  It provides the fun of Rafting and Safety together.
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