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Dominical - Punarenas - Costa Rica. Popular isolation is a good way to describe Dominical. Good surf, quiet town, and beautiful scenery.

This town is located just off the beaten path, and the townsfolk are struggling to keep it that way. Because of how close it is to "modern Costa Rica" is growing in popularity and is often a stop off on the way to Corcovado National Park, Marino Ballena National Park (marine park) and the famous Hacienda Baru National Wildlife Refuge. Until recently, Dominical was quite difficult to reach, so only the die hard surfers ventured this far south. Thus, it is best known for its surfing popularity and party life. Dominical is a good place to surf and be lazy, but still has a bustling feel and a decent nightlife.

Surfers enjoy a variety of challenging waves featuring both good shore breaks and a world famous point break. If you are learning to surf, you may be better off traveling to Domincalito for a more forgiving surf experience.

Up until now, the town has managed to fight the pressures of becoming over developed like some towns further north, but it may be a losing battle. The new road into town may bring prosperity to shop owners, restaurants and surf camps/shops, but also, with that, comes hoards of people and change.


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