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Playa Pavones

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Playa Pavones - district - Puntarenas - Costa Rica. Surfers paradise is the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think of Pavones.

Video by Dustin Estes

With one of the longest left breaks in the world, this is truly a surfer's destination.  The best swell tends to show up in the rainy season (April through November). However, because of the rains, remote location at the souther tip of Costa Rica's Pacific Coast and surrounding area, this destination is very difficult to reach.  If you can't find waves at Pavones, try heading a bit south to Playa Blanca to ride a nice reef break.

Also, Pavones has lush rainforest and fauna, and is surrounded by over a hundred types of tropical fruit trees.   With fruit comes fruit eating birds, so you will likely see toucans, parrots and other flying fruit eaters.  Your best bet to see this amazing reserve, is to visit Tiskita jungle lodge, which is set on about 800 acres of both rainforest and beaches.  The lodge offers guided tours, tropical fruit tours, horseback riding, fishing, and some other great activities.

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