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Montezuma - Puntarenas - Puntarenas - Costa Rica. Montezuma is an amazingly peaceful, picturesque, and welcoming beach community that is a favorite destination among travelers and locals alike.

Montezuma is one of the more special places in all of Costa Rica.  Located on the southern Nicoya Peninsula, Montezuma was originally a small fishing village that since the 1970's and 1980's has attracted a steady stream of people that all share a similar love and appreciation of life.  Home to many conservationists, musicians, artists, naturalists, and 'hippies', Montezuma is a mellow and tranquil beach town that has maintained the essence of simple life.

The town of Montezuma is nestled serenely on the edge of pristine tropical jungle encircled by high cliffs.  Many rivers and streams form natural swimming holes and waterfalls that offer a very intimate relationship with the jungle.  With a population of roughly 500 people, it is not uncommon to be the only soul on one of the local beaches or waterfalls in the forest.  This is doubly true as the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, one of the oldest in Costa Rica, is located only 9 km south of Montezuma.

Montezuma has maintained it's own unique culture; many musicians and artists call this place home.  Montezuma also is host to many yoga and healing arts centers that take advantage of the natural beauty.  In addition, the annual Costa Rica International Film Festival is held here every November.  Come to Montezuma to experience true harmony between humanity and nature and true love of life.


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