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Playa Hermosa

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Playa Hermosa - Puntarenas - Costa Rica. Located just south of Jaco, Hermosa is quite different than it's more populated neighbor to the north and typically, there are more people in the water, than out. Some real estate development has occurred, but it is still much different than Jaco.

Even being so close to Jaco, Hermosa has established it's own fame in surfing sub-culture. If you've ever picked up a surf magazine or spent time around surfers, then you've probably heard of Playa Hermosa and know of it's amazing waves. Rated as one of the best surf breaks in the country due to it's regularity of huge waves, this beach is host to the annual Surf Competition every August. However, no matter when you visit, you are likely to see professional level surfing at any time. If you too, exhibit expert surf skills, then make sure to put Hermosa on the itinerary and paddle out to some epic waves. Even if you don't surf, you will be awestruck by some of the riders who make this their home stomping grounds.

There are a few hotels on and around the beach, as well as a few restaurants. However, most visitors use Jaco as their place to sleep and eat, and travel to Hermosa for the day to surf. Buses are available from Jaco, or it is a short drive if you have your own transportation.

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