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Playa Brasilito & Conchal

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Playa Brasilito is a fishing village between Playa Flamingo and Playa Conchal. This still very traditional beach community is named after the Brasilito tree found here.

Brasilito is a nice coastal village that kept its local flair,  The Real Estate Developments sourrounding it have surprisingly not influenced the local and tipical life style.  Fishermen catch what is been prepared in the local bistros with tipical Costa Rican (Tico) cuisine.   Like in its history where the food supply depended on a mix of sea-food from its shores and dairy produce from its fertile soils. Happy Snapper Bar and Restaurant is a light of glamour in the midst of this traditioal village. One finds a few local bars spread around the soccer field.

Locals can tell you that turtles reached their feet on its beach only 40-50 years ago, before electricity brought the lights that kept the turtles from returning to nest their eggs here.


The Brasilito Beach runs like in a S shape along the Pacific with Flamingo directly to the north where one enjoys a much calmer ocean for pleasant swimming. Directly to the South is Playa Conchal with its all inclusive high end resort "Paradisus". From all stretches of Brasilito Beach beautiful sunsets are to be enjoyed with views onto the Catalina Islands. In the center part of the beach is the village itself and food and drinks with your feet in the sand are readily available.  Prices here are higher than average villages but below more developed and tourist places like Flamingo, Conchal, and or Tamarindo.  In terms of Entertainment there are only little bars and ocassional events in the center and/or Happy Snapper.   Getting to know a friendly and open local crowd is Brasilito's strength.


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