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Playa Grande, Las Baulas National Park

Playa Grande lies in the Province of Guanacaste, just north of Tamarindo. It comprises most of Parque Nacional Marino Laus Baulas, the most important nesting site in Central America for the giant leatherback sea turtle.Playa Grande is famous for its excellent year round surf and the famous leatherback turtle that returns since millions of years to lay its eggs on shore. Famous amongst surfers and Wildlife lovers. The Estuary behind it with its miles of mangrove channels host a large variety of birds.

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Playa Grande truly exemplifies a Surfers heaven with surfable waves most of the year.  Here it is common to have a perfect barrel. The offshore winds often create beautifully surfable waves. Surf the perfect waves that break along the shores of Playa Grande. If you don't know how to surf you can take surfing lessons at Una Ola Surf Resort.  Take a jungle boat tour along the estuary to see crocodiles, monkeys and numerous species of birds. Go fishing, using handlines and casting nets like the locals at the northern end of Playa Grande. or get tons of surfing gear rental and surf schools across the Rivermouth in Tamarindo

Las Baulas National Park

The  Leather Back Turtles (largest sea turtles in the world) come here to nest their eggs. This has been occurring for million of years but the amount of turtles returning each year is decreasing in shocking proportions.  This highly endangered species is threatened with extincion by egg poaching, development on land, but especially commercial fishing in which turtles drown by being tangled in fishing nets. This Park ecnompasses a large maze of protected mangroves through which boat tours are offered to see crocodiles, various bird types and lots of marine life.

Shopping - There is no shopping in Playa Grande other than a few surf shops and the grocery store (Las Malinches) in the Palm Beach Estates neighborhood on the southern end of Playa Grande. Tamarindo close by is your closest best bet.

Where to Eat - There are several restaurants in the area that serve local and international cuisines. There is El Huerto, Rip Jack's, Kike's Place, Marbar, Bula Bula, Catarana, Playa Grande Sushi, Las Tortugas and Malinches, which serve lunch and/or dinner.

Bars / Entertainment - Kike's Place is the only hotspot for nightlife in Playa Grande, but there are a few other spots to have a drink. Tamarindo close by is your closest best bet.

Where to Stay - Playa Grande is a sleepy little community with many expats who have come down to live the "Pura Vida" lifestyle. There are several vacation homes for rent, along with a handful of hotel, B&B's and Cabinas.

Getting Around - Bicycles are the best form of transportation to see the area. You can rent a car in Liberia or Tamarindo. Scooter rentals are available in Playa Grande.

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