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Food and Dining in Herradura

An excellent choice for an elegant seafood dinner, can be found at almost any restaurant in the Herradura area!

The best spots to have a fancy dinner are:

1) El Pelicano: beachfront with international cuisine and fresh seafood options with a calm candel lite ambience.

2) El Galeon: inside the Los Sueños resort with an elegant and unique menu with many influences from New Orleans.

3) Nuevo Latino: inside the Los Sueños resort is a Latin fusion restaruant where you can sit next to a waterfall and reflecting pool.

4) Lanterna Ristorante Italiano: also inside the Los Sueños resort with typical Italian dishes and an old world feel.


* If you own some form of restaurant or have eaten at a place that you would like to recommend so it can be featured here please write to us.

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